Sunday, July 4, 2010

Andrea Elizabeth Knutson marriage Part III

By 1905, Andrea's widower, Lambert (#528) had moved back to Iowa and was living in the town of Cylinder, Fairfield township, Palo Alto County.

The 1905 Iowa census doesn't provide sufficient information to determine if he was living at the same household as Ida Govig, though the 1910 US Cenus does confirm they were living at the same household. Ida Govig was eventually the wife of Orville Olson, son of Mary and Stephen Olson. Mary was Andrea's older sister.

Lambert's children, Lillie and Truman (#664 and #665) were still residing with their aunt and uncle, Benjamin and Ellen Govig, also in Cylinder, Iowa. (This census document reverted "Helen" back to "Ellen").

Lambert and Andrea's youngest child, Elmer was still living with his grandmother, Elizabeth Knutson, though no census record was taken mid-decade in Illinois.

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