Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frances Finnestad and husband Peter Svetica

Here are a couple of photos* of Ole and Mari Finnestad's granddaughter, Frances (Finnestad) Svetica.

These photos were taken August 19, 1973, and what looks like in the background, a church, I believe, in DeKalb, Illinois. (Though it looks familiar, I can't recall which one).

Frances was the youngest daughter of Caroline (Quitno) and Ole (Jr) Finnestad.

Frances and Peter did not have any children, so Frances' branch ends with her. Frances and Peter were my great great aunt and uncle, though I never met them and did not know of their existence until I began this project.

* Photos provided by Ole and Mari Finnestad's great great granddaughter, Jill (McKay) Clinton.

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