Monday, September 21, 2009

Finnestad School

I stumbled upon a couple of sites today that verify the name of the school that was kitty-corner across the road where Ole Finnestad, wife Caroline and family lived.

The school was located in Lee County, Alto Township, Northwest Section 12 on Woodlawn Road on the southeast side of the intersection.

The School was called the Finnestad (or Carlson) #135.

Here is a photo from the Lee County Historical Site.

Correction (April 12, 2013) below:

The School can be found on the following plat map of Alto township by locating Section 12:

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Anonymous said...

The location of Finnestad School is correct on the plat map (red letters) on your site, but the East/West crossroads at its location was/is not McGirr Road. McGirr Road is two miles south of Perry Road while Finnestad School was two miles north of Perry Road on the SE corner of the E/W road's intersection with what is now called Woodlawn Road. The E/W Road might be Hayes or it might no longer be a road. I thought you would want to correct this inaccuracy in an otherwise excellent site.